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There are several highly influential search engines in South Korea.These search engines will be taken stock of and linked accordingly:

1. Naver (https://www.naver.com/ ) – Naver is the most popular portal site and search engine in Korea.It is the most commonly used search engine in South Korea and offers various services such as news, blogs, e-mail, shopping, etc.

2. Daum (https://www.daum.net/ ) – Daum is also a well-known search engine and portal site in Korea.It offers features similar to Naver’s, but slightly different in some ways.It is also one of the search engines commonly used by Koreans.

3. Google Korea (https://www.google.co.kr/ ) – Google is also quite influential in Korea.Although Naver and Daum are more popular in South Korea, some users still use Google to search.

4. Nate (https://www.nate.com/ ) – Nate is a Korean portal site that also provides search engine functions.Although not as well-known as the first three in the public, but in some areas has a certain user base.

5. Zum (https://zum.com/ ) – Zum is an integrated search engine and portal site in South Korea.It offers features similar to those of other search engines, but is less well-known among users.

These search engines offer a wide range of search services, including news, blogs, shopping and other relevant information.Depending on the user’s preference, you can choose to search using any of these.

If you are looking for a Korean Web site, a Korean portal site, or a Korean shopping site, these search engines can provide relevant results.However, please note that there may be some obstacles to using search engines in Korea due to language and culture differences, so understanding related Korean websites and keywords will help you use them better.

Hope this information can help you find the most influential ranking king in search engine field in Korea!

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